Sophisticated Leather Shoulder Bag for Women

Shoulder purse should be your must-have item in your wardrobe.  They are elegant or cool looking, with the goal that they would complement many different styles and outfits that will be compatible for both working day and on the weekend getaway.  Their structured, refined, simple and chic arrangement make them timeless designs and gives you the image of a successful woman in the city.


All of them, including hobo purse and over the shoulder bag, are either stylish, cool, fun or sophisticated, and would be appealing to both all styles of women that will fit all your work essentials. They should also be chic and compact enough to carry around with confidence, from interviews and very important meetings to your lunch errands and happy hours.  Shoulder bag for women are also perfect for looking glamorous at a formal occasion or running errands.

Frequently asked questions





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Practicality meets elegance with
this roomy Leather shoulder bag

Leather shoulder bag for women offer versatility. It will easily take you from the office to a weekend away, or a day of sightseeing. It was practical, widespread, and seen as the ideal way for OL to carry their personal belongings along the day.


The best shoulder bag for women carries everything in a stylish way without you looking overwhelmed, loaded down with endless bags. It's capable of fitting a substantial amount of storage and has a good amount of protected organization within it.  Some of the shoulder bags designed with zippers are a compact and secure option, making it one of our favorite shoulder bags in the town.


Some of our design of shoulder purse is roomy enough for all of your essentials (basically your entire mobile office and social life). It’s also designed to be versatile enough to carry anything just about anywhere — from work to grocery runs, gym trips, all-day shopping excursions, and evenings out on the town.


ABOUT Hobo purse comfortable to carry for whole day

You will find the over the shoulder bag is very comfortable to carry all the days.  Shoulder pad on the adjustable shoulder strap to distribute weight more evenly on your shoulder to increase comfort. It should be durable to hold up through your daily commutes, work trips abroad, children drop-offs, and whatever journey life takes you next which is about to make your (work) life really, really easy.  With its sleek and timeless design in high-quality, shoulder bag for women also come with a slim interior pouch for securing small items.



This thoughtfully designed, versatile and well-structured design makes the shoulder purse and hobo purse spacious enough for all your daily essentials and is the perfect companion with effortlessly oozing sophisticated elegance.  It’s practical to carry your work documents in style, and establish instant respect if you place it next to you during a meeting.

You could find one of your best 
over the shoulder bag in here

This hobo purse is a stylish work bag that can carry basically everything. The lining interior design with its neat compartments and designated pockets for your phone, glasses, pens, lipsticks, and even a special holder for your water bottle or umbrella.  It combines function & fashion with shoulder purse for women in spaciousness without the unwanted bulk that may come with it.



Shop our new season range of shoulder bag for women online for every occasion. Choose a leather bag, big or small, perfect for work and casual weekends. Take it up a notch for the evening with a classic leather shoulder bag to smarten up any attire from a range of brands.  They are all blends of modernism and timeless elegance design. 

Frequently asked questions

What kind of hobo purse is suitable for both work and after work fever?

Here are a variety of styles available depending on the type of plan on doing. Our shoulder bags for women offer a variety of styles and features to fit your needs. If you have senior executives in your company, our leather shoulder bag for women will be your best choice, they are stylish and classic which incredibly fulfill your requirements

How should I carry the shoulder bag as I am sales and need to go out all day?

Our hobo purse in a lightweight adjustable shoulder strap to distribute weight more evenly on your shoulder to increase comfort should be really comfortable to carry. A slim and simple silhouette allows for ease. You will feel tired even carrying this walking along the town for all days

What is the best shoulder bag for me if I always need to take care of children?

You may consider our fashionable and easy carry design shoulder purse. It is both sleek and lightweight with zipper and capable of fitting a substantial amount of storage and has a good amount of protected organization within it while maintaining a slim silhouette that will make packability a cinch.